LARGE Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box

LARGE Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box

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Our 'Large Seasonal Fruit and Veg box'  is a great option for families or for the all round food lover. Most of the produce is Certified Organic! while some of the produce we choose comes from local growers who practice organic farming.

The contents of our box changes constantly to what is available and in SEASON.  

Here is an example of what may be in your box -


  •  Avocados x 2 
  •  Leeks x 2
  •  Pumpkin x 1/2
  •  Broccoli x 500g  
  •  Snow peas x 250g 
  •  Celery x 1/2
  •  Bok choi x 1bch
  •  Cos x 1 
  •  Potatoes x 1kg
  •  Apples 800g  
  •  Bananas x 5 
  •  Pears x 800g 
  •  Oranges x 1kg
  •  Asparagus x 1bch
  •  Beetroot x 500g
  •  Mixed herbs x 1bch
  • Watermelon x 1/4
  • Cabbage x 1/4